Time to move on

Everdien Breken Tractieweg 4 juni 2010 07

Today saw me moving my stuff out of Tractie: the lab facility has closed! Having done so many experiments there, this was a special moment. People at Tractie are getting ready for the bachelor’s end-of-year show, which I don’t participate in because us masters students have our own show at IBB.  So I needed to clear out my space to make more room for Eva, the fellow student I share(d) an atelier with. She is uniformly cheerful and optimistic, but must have been glad to have seen the last of me and my stuff today. Now she will concentrate on exhibiting her bicycle-tent, and I will concentrate on my games.

We are meeting the  curator for PIT STOP that Henk has found us,  Krist Gruijthuijsen, next monday.   I packed all the material for  experiment no 005 in my car, hoping to set this experiment up in a new environment.

Sad to leave Tractie? Not really. I spent a lot of time there & did a lot of interesting things. But it’s time to move on.

Everdien Breken Tractieweg 4 juni 2010 03

Note: Arrow shows the window of the atelier I shared with Eva. Wonder what it is like to have an atelier of one’s own. Up until now I’ve always shared.  Fortunately – and thanks to a very noisy elder brother – I am able to concentrate on what I am doing regardless of what is going on around me.  Being a mother of three has honed this skill even further:  I can now time-share my attention, too.  Would not have gotten through art school without this ability.

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