schets volgend spel 02

Talking to Tiong the other day (see blog game algorithms) I drew a sketch for the game that I want to install as a successor to ‘Double solo‘. Put the sketch under the scanner today so I can write down the gist of our discussion.

What I want to do is to create a room, one entrance, where you meet with a number of balls of different sizes, weights and materials. Pick up a headset and from the list of ball verbs I assembled, see blog [verb] a ball suggestions for moving the balls are whispered in your ear.  The screens show the action from above:  the  meta perception point of view, the kind of perception us Dutch people seem to be soo good at (check Brilliant Orange Metaperception).  The idea is that when several people are in the room playing with the balls, they non of them know where the others are in terms of what verbs they are at. Then it will be interesting to see what game algorithms people will come up with. I’m not suggesting rules – from ‘double solo’ I learned that people will invent those themselves.

I need at least 4 x 4 meters of atelier space to set this up, can’t share atelier space this time.  Fortunately, the new atelier space MaHKU has in mind for us students  will be big enough to give each of us this sort of room.  Am exited at the prospect!  We move to the Asch van Wijckkade 28-30 in Utrecht beginning of July.

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