Blog access by Oxycodone

I just decided to password-protect the blog and oxycodone helped. This I did because I got a comment  from some Russian guy I don’t know from Adam. It made me nervous – I am not ready for this. So I checked in with Argeweb and password-protected the entire site.

Made me think about ‘who am I talking to’? Who do I think my readers can be? Here’s a little list:

  1. Myself
  2. Fellow students
  3. Teachers

So far, I am happy to be talking only to these people. I will give them passwords when needed.

Writing this made me think of Anne Frank, who decided her diary was going to be her friend:  Sunday 14th june, 1942: “Now I must stop. Bye- bye, we are going to be great pals.”

And about oxycodone, I started taking it a few weeks ago due to a terrible back pain. I started with other painkillers, but they weren’t much help, and after some internet research, I came up with this. I was surprised to know that you buy oxycodone with e-checks, with credit card or even paypal. So, now you know, just click on the link.

restricted access

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