Experiment no 003/2009 A sudden gust of wind

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Experiment no 003 is also about sense of touch.  I worked with wood (a lot of the credit for this goes to Ricolt) and electronics (all the credit for this goes to Arjan), making the box you see below.   You are  meant to step up the steps and come level with the largest hole in the box. When you see the microfone, you can experiment with blowing  into it or talking  into it. The box will  then return your breath through a smaller hole above the large one, hence the title “a sudden gust of wind ‘ after Jeff Wall’s picture. This picture in its turn was based on a drawing by Hokusai, which gives a nice layer-over-layer idea to the whole thing. Not that anyone picked up on this …..

Some conclusions:

The steps were a great succes as far as the get-the-spectator-to-be-player thing is concerned. They sort of license the spectator to approach, and this worked

Note: It also worked because it was hands-free.

I liked seeing the smiles on peoples faces Note: surprises only work once

The thing was so big that it was very clumsy to handle. Note: pay attention to size, portability and transportability next time.

11/10: there is a next step, see blog Next Step


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Jeff Wall copy
‘A sudden gust of wind (by Hokusai)’ by Jeff Wall
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