Using the eyes to probe


tractie 20 jan 009

tractie 20 jan 006Had another try at using my eyes like fingers. This time I printed the sections of my friend Lena’s face on A4 and used the sewing machine to attach them to a very busy background. The result you see on the pics here, photographed at Tractie indoors yesterday. I’m not entirely convinced, the black-and-white of the prints and the colorfoul wallpaper don’t match. Interesting that the mind very easily combines the separate spots into a  picture of a face. Sewing paper on paper is great , it makes for a surface that one wants to touch, also makes me be less precise and have more ‘happy accidents’.

Will take the info this experiment gave me to the installation I’m planning at the Tractieweg.I will juse a telescope, a small camera I bought that I will connect to the telescope, and a tv screen. So on the tv you see the image the eye sees through the telescope. Allows one  to see structures and textures from outside without the mind making it into an object just yet.

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