The day after

Chrysoula Korovesi Jaarbeursplein the day afterThis is what Jaarbeursplein looked like ‘the day after’. No crayons in sight – I wonder what happened to them –  but a lot of people seem to have had fun!

It was fellow-student Chrysoula that took the picture. She sent me this  e-mail:

well there was no sight of the crayons, they were all gone. What I found really nice and I took some pictures for you is the fact that they have apparently used the crayons to write or to draw in the pavement. I ll send a couple of them now [unforunately they are on quite heavy and I ll bring the rest with a memory stick for you but if you are not planning to be at school next week, let me know and I ll send them all by emails]

I am sorry I am not much of a photographer but I hope they are usefull

take care

Today I mentioned the Jaarbeursplein action to someone in the class I was teaching, and he actually remembered them from last week. “Mystery solved” was his first comment. “What on earth did you do that for? ” Which made for a nice discussion about art and its many guises.

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