Sea smell by snail mail

It so happened that I was teaching a project management class a while ago and two of my students turned out to be from IFF – International Flavours and Fragrances. I asked them all manner of questions about designing and producing smells. Tey were kind enough to answer some, then redirect my curiosity towards their PR lady. ¬†She in turn put me in touch with mr Jan Overgaauw. who is Technical Perfumer (wonderful job title) at the IFF ¬†facility in Hilversum. I asked him about the specific smell I’m looking for ¬†– the smell of the sea – and they turned out to have it – two varieties, even!

So a few days ago the smells of the sea arrived at my house by snail mail: two test strips for me to smell & find which one comes closest to what I have in mind. “Zeegeur no 2′ was a bit to flowery, but “Zeegeur no 1′ could be spot-on. Which is amazing! I’ve just had a mail from Jan promising me a test spray can – and warning me to use it sparingly as it’s pretty strong stuff.

To complete my setup for the next step in Experiment no 007 I will also need sea sound – so I”m off to the seaside very shortly to catch some sound. Can also validate the smell there. Then I need to know where exactly the coastline of the Netherlands would be if us Dutch didn’t keep interfering with nature – this will be a deciding factor in determining a place. Then I will go and create a sea-experience in a spot where there is no sea – but could have been. So: to be continued.

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