Double Solo

Latest version of  “Double Solo”, with Laura and Laura playing :

Editing my ‘take’ made me realise I need a way to move from ‘perception’ shots (= first person perspective or on-the-ground perspective) and ‘meta-perception’ shots (= overview perspective or ‘god’ perspective: shots taken from above).  After trying out a lot of different transition possibilities I chose to make the transitions between ‘perception’ shots and ‘meta-perception’  shots by using   fade in – fade out.  And I made no transition inbetween ‘perception’ shots.  I’m pleased with the result – not bad for a first time. Then I remembered a quote from ‘Gaming – essays on algorithmic culture‘ , page 65: “Gameplay itself is mostly edit free. … Ingenious tricks are used instead, as in a game like Metroid Prime, where the transition from the third person to first person is accomplished not with an edit but with a swooping fly-through shot where the camera, in third person, curves around to the rear of the player character and then tracks forward, swiftly passing through the back of the cranium to fuse instantly the first-person optics of the character with the first-person optics of the player. ” This is to complicated to do with video footage – but it sounds interesting. Note: the visual devices to go from  perception to  meta-perception  and back may be a promising  subject for further study. double solo 2

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