Everdien Breken IBB 2 juni 2010 01Last tuesday was exam day, the next was Jeremiah Day.  Sorry for the cheap pun, couldn’t resist. Jeremiah Day is the guy we’ve been tutored by before, he is great at getting a group of students talk coherently about their work.

He is a funny mixture of intelligent young artist and ideal-son-in-law. When the young artist takes over he can be quite sharp in his comments, the son-in-law side tries to draw everyone out.

Jeremiah took the group to Kijkduin yesterday to see Turrell’s  ‘Hemels Gewelf‘.  I am jealous for I could not go – had to work.  Had a fun day too – but different.

My two worlds are getting closer together – project manager meets visual artist. I even made a sort of  ‘this is me‘ website the other day that contains both my work as a project manager and as an artist.

Note: go to Kijkduin myself.  Note: also go to Emmen to see Roberth Smithson’s  ‘Broken Spiral‘.

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