tesaBlogged about needing tape for Experiment no 005 yesterday. The guy from the tape manifactureres  promised to send me a sample.  He did something even  better: he sent me the three rolls of tape I need , courtesy of Tesa. Cool!

Got the package this morning and yes – this is the stuff  that I am looking for.  This present saves me a lot of trouble, travel and expense. Many thanks to the Tesa people!

Will use the tape to make  playground  lines this weekend. Will also finalise the audio (ball verbs) so I can do a full trial run of Experiment no 005 with Klaas next monday. Then next thursday my exam committee can come and play…..

Grabbed a few:
Real space and virtual space

And today the game has started! This is Farid's surprising move,  positioning himself in real space and in virtual space simultaneously. This is one of the reasons I like to make games: 'the work holds surprises for everyone, including the .....


Talking to Tiong the other day (see blog game algorithms) I drew a sketch for the game that I want to install as a successor to 'Double solo'. Put the sketch under the scanner today so I can write down .....

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