Need to sing the praise of WordPress – yet again.  Wanted to add a ‘related subjects’  functionality to my blog, with the option of showing thumbnails, not just text. Half an hours hunt on the ‘net provided me with LinkedWithin, a WordPress plugin that has just what I need. And it’s for free! Now my blogs are ended by a little row of thumbnails suggesting further reading. Which adds another layer of navigation. Nice!

And the best thing is: these suggestions are generated by the LinkedWithin software! It reads the content of my blogposts and finds out all by itself which posts belong with which. Magic! As I’ve written quite as lot over the years I wasn’t particularly looking forward to going through all of it myself to cross-index, and now I don’t need to.

Ran a couple of tests to see if the suggestions weren’t too far out, but it looks very good. Take for example the post below, titled ‘Danish‘ – the suggestions under it  are all blogs from my trip to Denmark last year – and the software found them all by itself. Again: Magic! I wonder what the algorithm behind it looks like….  It seems worthy of a Laurence Weiner on a very good day.