Looks familiar

Took my essay/game idea and used it as a vehicle for some stuff I did in 2008:  Same Shit – Different Format. Ideas stay with me a long time, generally. They just get expressed in a different way. In 2008 I wasn’t connecting my art work with the internet stuff I do for a living. Now I do – love IT. I really really do – even though it kept me up until 02.00 last nigt and I had to get up at 07.00.

The work is about memory – I’ve always been fascinated by the way our brains work.

The game  now exists in real life and online –  first time I did that. Don’t know of any other artworks that have this combination. Maybe Jasper de Beijer – but he doesn’t show or sell his real-life stuff, he’s doing really well with just the pics he takes of his elaborate model worlds.

Recollection series
pressed flowers and silk on canvas
45 cards, 10 x 10 cm
cardboard box, 22 x 11 cm
online game

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