Blogging virus

Met with my MaHKU classmates yersterday, Klaas Hoek  (who heads  the fine arts pahtway at MaHKU)  invited us to a meet’n greet. We decided on cafe ‘de Jaren’ in Amsterdam for our meet – why don’t I live in Amsterdam?  It’s only one hour’s drive – but I don’t take advantage of the fact.

Anyway, it was great talking to Klaas again. Miss having him and the other teachers to talk to about art – even miss the stress of having exams and such. What I miss most is studying a text then discussing it. Klaas was asking for our evaluation of the year at MaHKU, also looking for ideas what MaHKU can do for and with its alumni. Lots of ideas came up – I for one would like to be pointed towards interesting art texts so I would really appreciate a reading list or something. Klaas is thinking about a MaHKU weblog – I may have infected them with the blogging virus – that’s such a cool idea …

I pushed the idea of incorporating ‘electronic art’ in the curriculum somehow – stuff that’s being done with technology – MaHKU isn’t very technology-conscious. I’ve blogged about ‘electronic’ artworks before, check wishing well and audience for instance, or the stuff that art collective jodi has put on the ‘net. I use some technical stuff myself in my experiments – but I’m not really at the cutting edge of it – lack knowledge and resources. Must find a way to remedy that.

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