Being on summer holiday, I was curious as to what I blogged about this time last year. During the summer of 2010  I took three weeks out of the academic year at MaHKU to go sailing with the family – had to work very hard to be able to do that as end of august 2010 was graduation day and a lot of work needed to be done. The present year was more relaxed as in no exams, but more complex as to the ‘how to keep working as an artist’ question. Keeping a weblog for sure helped me bridge the moments of despair. Having an exhibition to curate was a big help, too. Note: check into more places for exhibitions. Note: make an online gallery?

Anyway, to facilitate the ‘a year ago’ search I added a calendar to my sidebar, but it is too much hassle to go back a year using a monthly calendar thingy. So I fished around for something better, and found a great WordPress widget called ‘a year before’ – it enables me to regurgitate last year’s blogs. Nice, no? Note: check to see if there is another widget that holds thumbnails. I  love the WordPress community!

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