In my search for materials for Big Knits I visited a facility in Tilburg that processes used clothes. I scored a large quantity of T-shirts that were destined to become rags before I interrupted their flow.  I was allowed to get the T-shirts straight from the facility’s  production line:  a huge hall where people sit at a conveyor belt and sort used  clothes into 100 different categories. Some clothes go and find a second life, some are destined to become rags, some go to the paper mill – it was like judgement day made present. Amazing!

Now I’m the kind of person that loves an ordered display.  Heaven, to me, is a very ordered place, and I totally dig Dante’s desire to categorise hell into  circles, too.

I wanted to take pictures inside the hall but dared not, so I took one from the outside, through the loading bay, of sorted clothes pressed into bales and ready for takeoff. It is a situation of almost-art – the work here would have fitted right in.


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