Makes me laugh


Working on a big knit project at the moment. Under the aegis of ART+PLAY I’ll  be involved in a community art project where senior citizens and schoolchildren knit sheep – would you believe . We were planning to do a big tent, but the uncertainty as to how many square meters can be knit in how much time made us go for an alternative goal. I’ve always been interested in the crossover between art and design, and this is going to be such a cross-over.

I did a couple of sheep prototypes & they are turning out very well, check the image above. Only thing that takes away from my happiness right now is that we have not found a reliable source yet for the small mountain of  used T-shirts we need – and time is pressing as our project starts right after the Easter weekend…..   Will throw myself into the T-shirt-search with heart and soul tomorrow. Have made some contacts that are promising – am also thinking about plan B.  But the idea of using cotton T-shirts to make big yarn to knit sheep makes me laugh …….


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