In real life

Attended the opening of  ‘365 dagen kunst – in real life’  today. The expo was unusual, in that there were lots of things that people could DO! Pretty nice crowd turned up to do things, too …. So: really nice!

What all was there to-do:

– Loes has us playing with building blocks to create an alphabet – her letters defy gravity, very fascinating.
Hay did a  panic button that starts playing a loud ding-dong sound when pressed. When pressed again, it stops. Kids were fascinated – the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen when the button is pressed – then they turned the work into an impromptu game of musical-chairs-without-the-chairs.
Rose put a drawing game on the wall that enabled people to vent their frustrations about the meagre performance of the Dutch football team in the world cup series yesterday. Very timely!

I had fun myself, using the big crayons to put a jumping game on the pavement – a bit like the one I did at Expodium earlier. Will post some pics about this game later, first let’s have a look at the expo itself:




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