Action Weaving

And yes – we’re Into the Great Wide Open. Into – certainly, Great – for sure, Wide Open – well, we are situated in a lovely small wood full of fresh-smelling pine trees. Not wide open, more of a canopy feeling.

Getting here has been another E&E adventure – Eveline clocked 160 at Afsluitdijk and delivered herself and her luggage just-in-time for the last ferry of the day. Next festival – no boat! – we’ve been pressed for time to arrive in Calais last june, too. Then there were the joys of  pitching our tent in pitch dark. I had previous experience with mine for I went camping in Kassel  two weeks ago.  Eveline bought hers the afternoon and wrestled with it for the first time at Vlieland. Neither of us would have won the prize for neatest setup, and I myself struggled against gravity all night, my bed having a 30 degrees angle. Next morning all was forgotten, though: blue skies and a friendly and helpful IGWO team. All our material had arrived – give thanks for small miracles – and setting up was easy-peasy. The afternoon we opened, and had a small but enthousiastic crowd.

Below the structure I sketched with thread, the ‘before’ situation we could say:

And here are some pics of the action:


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