Very nice!

Until a few months ago I served as a board member at our local highschool.  My kids did not go there, for we sent them to the big city of Den Bosch. Which meant that I did not have to combine governance and motherhood – basically a good idea. I must have done a good job, for when leaving I got a big thank-you present: my portrait was to be painted by Jan van der Meer. Jan also lives and works in Zaltbommel, he does a lot of portraits.  I like his style and I was very much ok with this idea.

So when Jan had time he invited me over, and for the very first time in my life, I have been Sitting! I found it not at all difficult to sit completely still for an hour – which was a surprise, for usually I am all movement. Two contemplative hours under close scrutiny, then Jan took a picture of me and shoo-ed me out of his studio. Any finishing touches the portrait needs will be done at his leasure, then I get to take it home. Where it will go on the wall of my new studio, which will be ready end of this month. So very nice!

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