Frame (me)

This is me,  as painted by Jan van der Meer. I sat for him a couple of weeks ago, and this is the result. That is to say: this is one of the results. Jan wasn’t satisfied with his first rendering (too much green, not you Everdien) and proceeded to make five! more. Talk about being dedicated! He then asked me to choose one – horribly difficult, but I managed. Pic shows Jan pinning my portrait of choice on the wall in order to make a photograph. Afterwards I went home without my portrait as Jan came up with an irrisistible way to frame me. So: to be continued. Dropped the idea in his lap of opening a temporary galery/art space in one of the growing number of empty shop premises in town. He’s interested,  andwill  talk the idea over with a number of his Zaltbommel art colleagues. Nice!

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