Delight and delirium in equal measure

And this is soooo exiting! I got a call from Eric van Dusseldorp, who works at Volker Wessels and heads the construction project at Ramspolbrug. Mr. van Dusseldorp supports my proposal, and will approach the project owner to get a final OK. If that’s a ‘go’ I’ll be chalking crosses at tremendous speed on a soon-to-be-opened highway in a little over a week! I seriously need some help to realise this try-0ut, so for the first time ever I’ve sent a message out on Linkedin and Facebook to find volunteers. Also I am hoping to persuade  my charming assistants from the Afsluitdijk try-out to skip school for one day…………

Have a lot on my plate right now, for I’m also doing a PLAY+ART drawing project in the Sahara – drawing with coloured sand, would you believe. Am a bit trembly about the idea of going into a big sandbox to live, eat and sleep. I’ve  never liked the beach – too much sun, sand and salt water – so going to the Sahara does fill me with delight and delirium in equal measure.


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