Was in Amsterdam yesterday to go to the library and to the Stedelijk – so great both the Rijks and the Stedelijk are open again. Renovation took both lots of money and lots of time – but money well spent. The Stedelijk has a retrospective of Jeff Wall, I’d longed to see more of his work after doing a ‘sudden gust of wind’ based on one of his works, that in its turn is based on a work by Hokusai.

Am in two minds about the expo – some works (like the ones on this blog) absolutely brilliant, others left me unsatisfied because I had no idea why this particular situation/moment was frozen in time. Photo’s are always moments, however monumental their scale, even when mounted on a lightbox. We did the exhibition wrong-way around, so we got to see the film that goes with the exhibition last. So some context emerged, but not a lot. Left feeling a bit dissatisfied, also because ‘a sudden gust of wind’ was not on show. I’d dearly love to see that in real life!


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