Have been focussing on photography for Heilige Huisjes these last few weeks, a series of portraits to go with the interviews done by Hester Stafleu. As the interviews are about  the search for meaning in people’s lives and the way they deal with the question of living, the pictures have to go beyond likeness. I try to capture the interviewees in a setting that gives a clue to the things that are important to them.

Which is not at all easy, for the things they are interviewed about are not very visual, usually. And I get little time to detect visual clues, too.  I go to their homes – where I’ve never been before – and come in as ‘the photographer’- which is a new role – and try to establish  rapport so they can feel more easy about being photographed. Then I have to decide really really quickly what photo’s I want to take , what backgrounds, and how the lighting will play out.

Below a selection of portraits. While they coiuld have been better in a formal way – for example better lighting and more uniform background – they do give clues as to character and life style, I think.

DSC_0029 DSC_0079  DSC_0147DSC_0123ADSC_0031

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