Re-ordering my Portfolio page made me realise that I have footage from Dove Circle, Dam Square that I haven’t ever looked at yet. I did do the photo’s, but the video files have been sitting untouched in my archives since 2011 – this expresses my deep discontent with the world of video editing. Anyway, today was the day I decided to get over this inertia. It takes forever to convert my files to a format that I can actually do something with, then browsing through them is time-consuming, then re-learning the video editing tool that I have is cumbersome, then ….. grumble grumble grouse grouse … The one good news is that my new PC is pretty fast and doesn’t crash – which would have added insult to injury.

And the resulting film isn’t half bad – even though I think the photo is more evocative.

auto playing auto muting video





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