Better than others

Andrea Gulicxs 01

Some days are just better than others – the present one is a really good one.

Which begs the question – why?

Well, it started by being the first day in forever that I had nothing planned. Waking up when it is already light, listening to the birdsong, then realising that there is no particular reason to get up and hurry someplace or do something – this is a luxury indeed.

So after snoozing and stretching and snoozing some more, I started my day at the kitchen table. Had time to read the paper from cover to cover, then organise my e-mail, then find an exhibition to go to tomorrow (‘come closer’ in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam).

Then I did a spot of gardening

Then I  planned the family menu for the week and went grocery shopping with R, which is something I enjoy. Bought a bunch of hyacints, lovely smell and colour.

Then I found the perfect pair of trousers at the local charity shop.

Back home I found the best vase for the hyacints and put them on the kitchen table

Then I did another spot of gardening, had great coffee in the sun outside with R, while admiring the hundreds of snowdrops now blooming in our garden. I love snowdrops with a passion!

Then R and I decided to go cycling to try and locate a Dutch Mountain option glimpsed from the highway near Zaltbommel recently. We found  said location, I photographed  it.

Then we came across the exhibition venue Stroomhuis, and found it  has a great photo exhibition on – photo’s of the area around the river Waal by Andrea Gulickx Then we talked  with the Stroomhuis custodian and found out about the options of having an exhibition there.

Then we admired the snowdrops in the garden at Neerijnen. I managed  to keep my hands off the double snowdrops they have – my self control at times like this is just amazing ….

Then we met a guy with a drone and had an impromptu lesson on what its options are for film and photography. Then we had a great view of Zaltbommel from the famous bridge.

Then I cut some flowering hazel branches to add to the hyacinths. Then we arrived  home and I realised it was only four ‘o clock, and the day has many options open yet.

Then wrote this blog. Then …..

Andrea Gulicxs 02 Waal 01

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