Just finished reading ‘GoatMan’ – enjoyed it a lot. Thomas Thwaites deserves a medal for perseverance in the face of many many odds. Being a goat wasn’t the carefree existence he envisaged ….  it gave him many, many worries instead. Not the least of which was the forlorn hope of winning a head-butting contest with a fellow goat. 

Problem with the book is – it did not answer my questions.
– Did he cross the Alps as a goat? Page 182 says  “near enough” – just how near is that? And how many days did he keep up his goat existance? 
– How did defaecation work? The good old ‘pee and poo’ question. Is he being a Brit by not discussing this? 
– Food and shelter? He ate grass, spit it in a bag carried below his belly, and cooked it in the evening. Where did he sleep?

One thing stood out – he was accepted as a goat by the herd he joined. Another thing stands out: I might want to take my own ideas to a more extreme edge. 

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