Bother –  the good people of Argeweb  decided to migrate my site to another cluster. I take this to mean that they want to move my stuff to another computer, and it was not a notice to gladden my heart.  They had problems right off and my backup brain was offline twice!! which is not a good feeling AT ALL. So you out there who think about reaching for immortality by transferring your brain to a computer bank – think again! Or at least make sure you are very well backupped and very well maintained. 

Anyway, after solving a small problem having to do with uploading my images I am online again and ready to rock. So I decided to post my drawings from Prague, where I went a couple of weeks ago. I had a great time cutting, pasting, collague-ing and drawing, and back home the images kept coming. The results aren’t half bad I think. Must weed out the weakest, but need more distance for that. I enjoyed doing this so much … maybe I should go and become a book illustrator? 

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