No, not an artwork. This is one of the most thoughtfull gestures ever: a bird-saving device made by my husband. Who has a treehouse, and in that treehouse has installed a wood stove, and on this woodstove there is a stovepipe, and in the stovepipe went a nuthatch (or some such tiny bird), and out it could not come. So having buried two tiny birds he decided enough was enough. He took his longest ladder, took off the top of the stovepipe from the top of the treehouse and modified it so small birds cannot enter any more. I love this man! 

Meanwhile I’m doing some new-years-resolution things. I’ve booked myself for  tour at Sundaymorning@ekwc, the European Ceramic WorkCenter. Which is an international workplace “where artists, designers and architects explore the technical and artistic possibilities of ceramics.” Would be nice to connect to it in some way! Am also putting a clay modelling class on my list. And … and .. and …. why, when graduating in 2010 I was concerned my ideas would dry up. Instead they are multiplying. The only thing is – getting work from my studio to the world out there isn’t my favorite thing. Resolution: at least one contact-with-public thing in 2020. 

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